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»Together, we are Hauff-Technik.«

»When I started working at Hauff-Technik, it was still a craftsman's business. In the meantime, it has become a highly efficient company where many things are simpler and faster because they are automated.«

Managing Director of Hauff-Technik Michael Seibold regards continuity and growth as the key focal points of the company. He has been at the helm of the company for 16 years and keeps a particularly close eye on the rapidly growing number of employees.

»Times are changing and you have to keep up with them.«

Technological progress alone has repeatedly presented new challenges over the years. Just as there was no iPhone 16 years ago, nobody thought about introducing an automated storage system back then.

»The key to success is adopting a mentality of staying curious. The desire to do something new and remain innovative must be maintained.«

For Michael Seibold, the greatest challenge is maintaining a hunger for success at a high level and working on it every day instead of just being satisfied with what we have already achieved.

The core business of Hauff-Technik represents strong continuity. The products are not subject to fashion trends or technological hype. For the most part, the products manufactured and sold are durable, but often do not enjoy immediate success.

»You have to have a medium to long-term view of success as well as the product life cycle.«

Surpassing the sales target of 100 million euros in 2021 speaks volumes about Hauff-Technik's corporate strategy and enables the Managing Director to look to the future with confidence. »The construction industry is booming and expansion of the digital network is increasing in importance because it gives access to a growing market both on a national and international scale.«

In order to support growth, the company has invested in more employees in new buildings such as the logistics centre, where the 450th employee was welcomed in November, and in new data management programs such as SAP and PIM.

»Together, we are Hauff-Technik.«

»No individual must be left behind in spite of everything.« This philosophy and personal contact are important to Michael Seibold. It can be felt when he walks through the aisles in the company or gives speeches to employees, which have been a regular fixture since the start of the coronavirus pandemic: »Together, we are Hauff-Technik.«
Dr. Michael Seibold
Managing Director
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Media designer
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Mechanical Engineering student