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Haus und Garten von außen, Wand leicht transparent, dadurch Mehrspartenhauseinführung FUBO zu sehen
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Bodenplatte eines Hauses, Versorgungsleitungen und Anschlüsse sind schon eingebaut



Tundish with integrated step protection insert for setting base slab in concrete for optimum sealing to the underground sewer pipe. To compensate an offset (after concreting) between downpipe and base drain in any direction.

Anschlusstrichter AT110 einbetoniert in die Bodenplatte
Anschlusstrichter AT110

ETGAR building developer package for building services outlets

For buildings without a basement


For routing and distributing electric power and communication lines from the building to the property's surrounding grounds.

Eingebaute Hausausführung ETGAR, außerdem Mehrspartenhauseinführung FUBO und mit Strom verbundene LED Leuchte
Hausausführung ETGAR Bauherrenpaket BHP


Wall collar


Water barrier flange for water pressure-tight integration of waste water pipelines in floor slabs.

Mauerkragen KG-Fix zum Abdichten in der Bodenplatte, dazu Folien-Manschette HFM zur sicheren Anbindung von Durchführungen durch die Bodenplatte
KG-Fix Mauerkragen

Multi-line building package

For buildings without a basement


For the collective feeding in and sealing of all supply lines (power, water, telecommunications, gas).

Mehrsparten-Bauherrenpaket MSH Basic FUBO BHPxm

Earthing wall collar

for round and flat conductors


Wassersperrflansch zum druckdichten Einbinden von Erdungsleitern in Bodenplatten oder Betonwände.

Erdungsmauerkragen HMK eingebunden in die Bodenplatte
Erdungsmauerkragen HMK

Foil sleeve

for entries through the floor slab


Hauff foil sleeve for secure connection of entries through the slab to a vapour barrier, radon foil or other sheet-type seal on the slab.

Mauerkragen KG-Fix zum Abdichten in der Bodenplatte, dazu Folien-Manschette HFM zur sicheren Anbindung von Durchführungen durch die Bodenplatte
Folien-Manschette HFM

BD-Fix with foil flange

Slab entry


For connecting KG/HT pipes. Gastight and watertight connection to the slab thanks to integrated water barrier flange. With foil flange for connection to a bituminous thick coating, weldable sheet or vapour barrier.

Bodendurchführung BD-Fix mit Folienflansch zur gas- und wasserdichten Verbindung mit der Bodenplatte
Bodendurchführung BD-Fix

Multi-line building entries

MSH PolySafe, MSH Basic and MSH-FW Basic are our universal modular design multiple-service building entry systems for district heating. They bring together numerous benefits in a single solution: one trench, one core drill, one building entry, but four lines. As well as providing a compact and reliable entry point for supply lines, they support in particular the setting up of a single empty conduit system from the inside of the building to the street outside. This provides a platform for retrofitting additional entries for multimedia/communication supplies and other cable-bound power sources, for example, without further excavation work being necessary.

Our patented torque display, plus the addition of an integrated leak test, ensure maximum installation reliability. A simple test procedure following installation checks that the connection to the building is tight. Thanks to our multiple-service building entry systems, you will not only save yourself time but also space and hassle.

Multi-line building entries