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»Innovation as a model
for the future«

Always. Reliable. Visionary.

We are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of sealing systems for cables, pipes and building entries.

Our innovative sealing systems protect your building from penetrating water, gas, fire, dirt and vermin. Our custom solutions guarantee you absolute leak tightness, economic efficiency, user friendliness and durability in all kinds of construction work. From detached houses to various construction services through to large infrastructure projects such as airports and power stations.

Our customers include utility companies, public utilities, construction companies, installation companies, telecommunication companies and industrial partners. Many builder's merchants and specialist civil engineering retailers carry the Hauff-Technik range. Architects, planning engineers and private property developers also rely on our experience and expertise. We offer them all the right solution to meet their unique challenges – either from our comprehensive product range or custom-built.

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Facts and figures

Annual turnover:
116 million
in 2023
60 years
of experience
Total space
55,000 m²
at the Hermaringen site
Registered patents
on the market in over

Our headquarters

In June 2014, Hauff-Technik relocated its operations from three sites to the company's new headquarters in the industrial park in Hermaringen.

»Now, what belongs together is coming together.« Dr Michael Seibold at the opening.


To make it easier for you to get to us, we have over 200 parking spaces available. 

Motorbike parking

Prefer two wheels to four? There is plenty of parking for motorbikes as well.

Disabled parking

For people with disabilities, there are two parking spaces right beside the main entrance. From here, all parts of the company are fully accessible.

Charging stations

Environmental protection is important to us. We therefore offer our employees and guests over 30 charging stations in total for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Bicycle parking

We want to encourage environmental awareness. At Hauff-Technik, many employees cycle to work. Appropriate parking has already been provided. And we are moving with the times here as well with over ten charging stations for e-bikes available.

Conference rooms

Our spacious meeting concept offers you four meeting rooms in the main building that can be converted into one large conference room if required. You'll find other smaller conference rooms as well as coffee and meeting points throughout the building.

Water dispensers for complimentary use

Our employees' health is important to us. We therefore provide all our employees with fresh water free of charge at our water dispensers.

Restaurant Kostbar

In our »Kostbar« canteen, you will find fresh and seasonal dishes.

The management team

The success of our company is very clearly based on team performance. The more than 450 skilled and highly motivated employees at Hauff-Technik are represented by the management team, which works hand in hand.

Michael Seibold
Managing Director
Cornelia August
Future › Quality & IT
Stephan Winnen
Future › Internationalisation
Horst Scheuring
Creation › National Sales
Ralf Kurz
Creation › Development & National Sales
Thomas Kölle
Operation › Materials Management
Georg Zink
Operation › Production
Rainer Lindenmaier
Revenue › Purchasing
Jochen Ulrich
Revenue › Accounting
» I'm not a manager on the career ladder – I'm the frontman of Hauff-Technik. My focus is on sustainably successful corporate development – but an appreciative and meaningful corporate culture for the people at Hauff-Technik is my passion.«
Michael Seibold
Managing Director

Born in Germany's Franconia region, he has been the sole managing director of Hauff-Technik since 2005. After studying material sciences in Erlangen and the USA, he gained his first professional experience as a process engineer at MAN in Munich, before receiving his doctorate in mechanical engineering from the TU Hamburg-Harburg. He then managed glass application technology at OSRAM in Augsburg. During this time he was permitted to found a medium-sized group of innovative minds in the company, focussed on the industrialisation of flat lamps, for which he received the OSRAM Innovation Award. As Managing Director of the German foreign branch of the renowned Swiss technology and consulting group HELBLING, he made a significant contribution to the development of respected engineering services for the machinery industry and automotive sector, as well as for consumer goods. In all his professionalism, contact with the workforce is extremely important to him, which makes him a very "hands-on" boss. He is characterised by his ability to engage in dialogue and achieve consensus, as well as by his pragmatism and perseverance. In 2021 he ultimately led the company into a new dimension, with an overall turnover of EUR 100 million.

Michael Seibold
»Our passion is to actively shape the future – a natural part of our corporate culture involves continuously striving for digital excellence with optimised processes and sustainable corporate management. Our focus is on the satisfaction of our customers, employees, partners and owners who are committed to helping shape the change.«
Cornelia August
Future › Quality & IT

As the first female VP in the history of Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG, Cornelia August is responsible for the future of the sector. After starting her career in the optical industry, she steered her professional career in other directions and began her studying for a degree in business in 2006, with a focus on finance, controlling and marketing at Hauff-Technik. After graduating, she took over as the company's Head of Marketing, a role that she left behind when she moved into quality control in 2012. Her additional takeover of information technology management in 2015, entailing the development and expansion of the integrated management system including environmental and process management created the basis for digitisation, which today, in combination with the focus on sustainability, significantly influences the corporate culture.

Cornelia August
»We want to set the standard for sealing and entry solutions on the international market. With a global outlook, entrepreneurial spirit and the benefit of experience, we will promote our business in the international markets.«
Stephan Winnen
Future › Internationalisation

Stephan Winnen has been steering the internationalisation of Hauff-Technik since 2017. He works with tireless enthusiasm on the expansion of the company beyond Germany. Before joining Hauff-Technik in 2017, Stephan Winnen held various management positions at international companies. One of these was the business established by his grandfather, so entrepreneurship runs in the family. His varied professional career brought him to different parts of the world. Market proximity, mobility, internationality and the ability to fit into foreign cultures are not just empty words for him, but lived experience. Stephan studied philosophy with the Jesuits and has a degree in Catholic theology from the University of Freiburg. He is married and has three adult children.

Stephan Winnen
»In addition to continuously adjusting the overall sales-strategic orientation to the respective market and customer requirements, it is our task to repeatedly develop innovative product solutions to market maturity.«
Horst Scheuring
Creation › National Sales

Horst Scheuring heads the Creation division alongside fellow divisional director, Ralf Kurz. He began his professional career at the municipal utility companies in Ulm. In 1995 he joined Hauff-Technik as a technical consultant and by 1997, as key account manager, he was pushing ahead with the standardisation of multi-line building entry systems. In the years that followed, he accompanied the company in its transformation from a cable bushing manufacturer to today's full-service provider for building entry systems. In 2010 he was given responsibility for national sales. In addition to continuously adjusting the overall direction of sales strategies to the respective market and customer requirements, Horst Scheuring draws repeatedly on his creative freedom to develop, alongside his colleague, increasingly innovative product solutions to market maturity.

Horst Scheuring
»Creativity is what comes to mind when something stands out.«
Ralf Kurz
Creation › Development & National Sales

Ralf Kurz heads the Creation division alongside fellow divisional director, Horst Scheuring. After receiving his education and further training as a mechanical engineer, Ralf Kurz started at Hauff-Technik in the external sales team at the beginning of 1990. After his move to internal sales in 1993, he headed that department for four years, until he was subsequently entrusted to join the management of the development and design department. From 2008 to 2011, in his capacity as member of the management team, Ralf Kurz was responsible for the overall technical management of the company. After restructuring the departments, he and his fellow divisional manager have since been responsible for the entire Creation division, which includes the Germany Sales department, as well as the Product Development, Product Management and Marketing departments.

Ralf Kurz
»Do what works for you. There will always be someone who thinks differently.«
Thomas Kölle
Operation › Materials Management

Thomas Kölle is Head of the Operations and Infrastructure division. After completing his training as an electrician, he initially gained experience in Osram's mechanical engineering division. Thomas Kölle started his commercial career when he joined the Hauff-Technik team back in 1994, and in 1997 was appointed manager of the IBS Centre, which was the central point of contact for information, consulting and training. In 2013 he was appointed authorised signatory and was responsible, among other things, for the merger of the administration building with what were then three production facilities to form today's ultra-modern location in Hermaringen - a real milestone in the company's history. After setting up new divisional structures, Thomas Kölle took over the management of the "Operations" department in 2015, focussing on materials management, and played a significant role in the introduction of the new SAP system. The later factory expansion, complete with a fully automated SAP-controlled logistics centre, is Hauff technology as we know it today. As Head of Operation & Infrastructure, he also performs the duties of Managing Director in the subsidiaries Hauff-Technik Swiss AG, Hauff-Technik Middle East-FZE and ZweiCom-Hauff GmbH.

Thomas Kölle
»Change as the driving force behind our success – with this characteristic in mind we have managed in recent years to transform ourself into a company that is, in every aspect, modern and industrial. Highly motivated employees and the appreciative corporate culture form the basis for a pleasant working environment.«
Georg Zink
Operation › Production

Georg Zink is the youngest of the VPs. After completing his training as an industrial clerk, the father of two decided to continue his education, subsequently graduating from technical college. During his studies in Production Technology specialising in Organisation and Management in Ulm, the prospective graduate engineer started his first job as an intern at Hauff-Technik in 2006. After completing his studies, Georg Zink started in Production Planning in 2008 and from 2009, was responsible for injection moulding. From 2011 he took over the management of what was then three production plants, which was supplemented in 2015 after the production facilities merged with management in the operations division, with a focus on production and logistics. He has been responsible for the factory and value streams since 2022.

Georg Zink
»Intensive cooperation with powerful partners is a decisive factor for the success of Hauff-Technik.«
Rainer Lindenmaier
Revenue › Purchasing

Rainer Lindenmaier, Head of the Revenue, Purchasing division After studying business administration, he first worked in purchasing and later in service management at Aufzugtechnik Augsburg, a lift company. In 1995 he also accompanied assembly planning in the lift branch of OTIS. In 1999, the economist (VWA) began working as Assistant to the Managing Director at Hauff-Technik. This was followed by the first steps into the accounting division: today's Revenue division started by developing the Calculation and then later the Controlling departments. Rainer Lindenmaier has been a member of the management team since 2005, and is now responsible for the Revenue division, with a focus on and passion for Sales.

Rainer Lindenmaier
»Don't ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself!«
Jochen Ulrich
Revenue › Accounting

Jochen Ulrich is Head of Revenue, Accounting. After completing his commercial training and subsequent studies in Business Administration, he was involved in various tasks and areas of responsibility at Stadtwerke Heidenheim AG. After working in the Purchasing department, he then took over management of Work Planning and later became the Technical Manager. Jochen Ulrich joined Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co KG in 2011, where he started in Sales before joining the Controlling division at the end of 2011, shortly thereafter assuming responsibility for financial accounting. Since 2013 he has been a member of company management and Manager of the Revenue division, with a focus on finance and controlling.

Jochen Ulrich

Further contact partners

Sarah Raab

Head of Human Resources

tel.: +49 7322 1333-130

Claudia Braith

Head of Corporate Communications

tel.: +49 7322 1333-113

Prisca Padineantu

Head of Marketing

tel.: +49 7322 1333-223,

Sandra Keller

Quality Management Officer

tel.: +49 7322 1333-721

André Koch

Environmental Management Officer

tel.: +49 7322 1333-718

Patrizia Ziegler

Head of Purchasing Control

tel.:  +49 7322 1333-143

Silvia Rose

Head of Customs and Transport Management

tel.:  +49 7322 1333-547


Subsidiaries and partners

Our passion is making sure that buildings are sealed 100% reliably. At the heart of everything we do is the satisfaction of our customers. Finding a speedy yet highly efficient solution for any requirement, developing and manufacturing new and innovative products and always being on hand with help and advice for our customers – we are fully committed to this around the world. Our employees travel the world for you.

Hauff-Technik Swiss AG
Grabenackerstrasse 7
4702 Oensingen, SWITZERLAND

Tel.: +41 62 206 00-70
Fax: +41 62 206 00-79

Hauff-Technik GRIDCOM GmbH
Geiselroter Heidle 1
73494 Rosenberg, GERMANY

Tel.: +49 7967 9008-30
Fax: +49 7967 9008-99

Hauff-Technik Middle East

PO Box 35070
WH-03, Plot No 2150483,
Marakech Street
Umm Ramool Dubai UAE

Tel.: +971 4 2623247

Hauff-Technik UK Limited
Units 1 & 2 Carrwood Road
S41 9QB, United Kingdom

Tel.: +44 (0) 1246 792018

Always. Reliable. Strong.

As the leading specialist in sustainable shareholdings in small and medium-sized enterprises in the German-speaking countries, INDUS Holding AG has been the sole shareholder in our company for more than thirty years. From the very start, INDUS has offered us an ideal platform for our corporate development.

As an operationally independent holding of INDUS Holding AG, our special strengths as a medium-sized business are not lost but can instead come into their own. This means that Hauff-Technik can also concentrate on the details without losing sight of the big picture.

Annual turnover:
1.559 Mio
in 2020
Majority stake in

More partners

In some areas we also need support. In the form of partners we can always rely on:

Rechtsanwälte Wiese & Wiese GbR
Donnersbergerstrasse 9
80634 Munich, GERMANY

Tel.: +49 8939 10-19
Fax: +49 8939 39-8

Uwe Schwerdt
Occupational safety specialist

Dr. med. Viktoria Schenkengel
Christianstrasse 9
89522 Heidenheim, GERMANY

Tel.: +49 7321 3069-303