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»We are hungry for change.«

»Since the start of this year, everything has been controlled automatically by our computer system. We can follow the movement of the boxes on the monitor in real time.«

A great deal has happened in the Hauff logistics department since the new logistics centre was built in 2021. And Tobias was there from the very beginning. »It really changed everything.« How the goods are stored, where they are stored and how they are subsequently transported to the lorry - all the processes had to be redesigned and reconceptualised. »There's so much hidden potential there, it's always exciting to find new ways to become faster and more productive.« However, one thing is very important to Tobias: »The employees must not be forgotten.«
Every day he tries to talk to his colleagues and walks through the halls to capture the mood among the employees. »I get close to the employees, which makes my job much more tangible. It is incredibly challenging to bring different people and highly complex machines together. Nobody must be left behind.« He is constantly thinking of ways to make monotonous activities more interesting for the employees.
The fact that Tobias started out at Hauff as a CNC milling machine operator is extremely helpful. With the support of Hauff, he completed his Bachelor's degree as a technician and then his Master's degree as a technical business economist within the company through distance learning. »Studying and working at the same time was exhausting, but the company paid half of my training expenses, which was a huge financial relief, especially at a point in life where we were starting a family.«

»You are given the framework conditions, but have a lot of freedom to implement your own ideas.«

As a fast-growing, medium-sized company, Hauff offers Tobias an attractive working environment. »Here, the decision-making processes are still short. You are given the framework conditions, but have a lot of freedom to implement your own ideas.«
Tobias saw clear evidence of the »WE feeling« during the switch to SAP, as a greater effort was required to ensure that everything went smoothly. »Everyone played their part, I didn't have to ask anyone to fill the additional shifts on Saturday. The success of the company is palpable, which is a huge motivating factor.«

Digitisation and the global change caused by the coronavirus pandemic will also continuously challenge the logistics department to think in different ways.

»The thrill of not knowing what awaits you tomorrow is what makes my job so exciting.«

Tobias Mayer
Head of Logistics department
Katja Paul
Employee in Corporate Development and Communications
Agnes Vedro
Employee in the cable/pipe entry department