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»Hauff is a
feel-good package for me.«

»My career at Hauff was unique.«

In February 2014, Ernst started as a leasing employee in outgoing goods. At that time, he was working at the former site in Landshausen. »It's hard to remember what it was like back then. And it was only seven years ago. It really was worlds apart. There were a total of around 150 employees, in Logistics there were around 5 employees and I loaded the trucks myself.«

»From leasing employee to team leader.«

After just one year, Ernst moved from the leasing relationship to a permanent position. »At the end of November 2014, they told me that they wanted to take me on permanently because I had developed well and they wanted to employ me as a team leader for the opposite shift. This had never happened at Hauff before. From leasing employee directly to team leader.«

»We are incredibly responsive to our employees.«

»What I like most about working here at Hauff is that we do an awful lot for the employees. And I don't just mean Christmas parties or events, because they only take place on one day... I'm talking about meeting the needs of the employees. Whether the guys and girls need winter jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, or lifters for heavy boxes, for example, almost every need is met and you never see that anywhere. We don't distinguish between leasing employees and Hauff employees either. We are incredibly responsive to our employees and I regard Hauff as the complete feel-good package.« It was not long before Ernst knew that starting at Hauff-Technik was the best decision he could have made. The work environment is very pleasant and cooperation with his departmental head is excellent. He had never experienced anything like that before. Ernst will even climb onto the forklift himself whenever the need arises.
»What I enjoy the most is collaborating with my team and our departmental head. I also enjoy getting things moving, changing things and pushing ahead with projects. And I have the opportunity to do that every day at Hauff.«
Ernst Heiser
Production logistics team manager
Agnes Vedro
Employee in the cable/pipe entry department
Armin Schmid
Head of the Production department for cable and pipe entries as well as occupational safety employees